• Strategic and account planning
• Brand development
• Corporate and product design
• Creative concepts and original solutions
• Strategic media planning and media buying
• Media surveys, analysis and monitoring
• Website development and management
• Mobile marketing
• Applications development
• Social networking
• Digital analytics
• Strategic PR planning
• Event marketing, BTL services and
• Production services
• Alternative market solutions


• The Agency was established in December 2004.
• BARS advertising is an independent advertising agency.
• The team counts 22 people.
• Bars advertising is a full member of the Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies.

About our company

The agency

Bars advertising stands out with its highly educated and motivated staff. All employees have very diversified skills and are dedicated to their job.

The excellent in-depth knowledge and understanding of the clients' products helps us provide the best solutions to our clients.

Through our great teamwork and unique working environment we offer not only efficient and reliable results to our clients, but also our loyalty, true cooperation and partnership.

In a highly competitive market with settled positions it is our goal to help our clients to gain a larger share of the future through solutions, which are based on disruptive thinking and innovative use of media.

We are striving to provide our clients with original and innovative solutions and we eagerly accept all challenges.

Using the long time experience that our team has gained on the market, the agency is positioning itself as a wise, helpful, creative adviser for the clients, helping them to reach their goals.


Christina Drumeva-Meierhofer

Christina Drumeva-Maierhofer
is Owner and Managing Director of Bars advertising

Qualification / Education
Master of Law at the University of Sofia

Key Clients Know-How
Henkel, Absolut, Geox, Electrolux, adidas, bic, Michelin, Mynthon, Raiffeisenbank, Raiffeisen Leasing, Merz, Ariston, REMAX, Luisa Spagnoli, Bulgarian Bicycle Association, Lily of the West, Force Delta, Agressia, Meltem, ONDA, Alvena, Mtel, PARI daily,, BON, Elemag, Immofinance, Uniqa, Chio Chips, Pom Bar, Human Power, Moya, REECL, Freestyle, Programata, Meltem, Darko, Motif, Belissima, ECE, Alcatel-Lucent, Billa, CEZ

1995-2004 Managing partner in TBWA/ Sofia

Bulgarian, German, English

Why Bars

Bars is the popular name for the snow leopard that lives in high rugged mountains of Central and South Asia. The snow leopard is exceptionally elegant and unique for the smoky-grey coloring of its coat patterned with dark-grey to black rosettes and ringed spots. Its tail is thick and striped. The beautiful fur makes an ideal camouflage in the mountain environment of bare rocks and snow, and protects against cold.

Combining beauty and exclusiveness together with power and hardiness Bars is eager for perfection despite the circumstances, with animal spirit in harness for ultimate creativity and uniqueness, Bars leaves its footprints.

Follow the tracks…